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This CD is dedicated in loving memories of my sister. This CD is very personal to me, because of that, I recommend you listen to the CD first without reading the lyrics.

Then.... listen to it and follow along with the lyrics. This way you can have two version in your mind. One that is light, and one that will be personal to you as well.

I want to thank my family and friends for their help and support in recording this album.

1st song on the album, SPRINGTIME was my sister's favorite songs because she thought the lyrics were so pretty.

Even today... when I listen to this album and read the lyrics... it pulls at my heart strings...

I hope this album bring your comfort
& calm to your heart ~


released March 1, 2002

All songs recorded - written - produced by Shirley Cason : Pianist - Keyboardist & Composer.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Springtime

The meadows are turning green and yellow
the yellow sun is burning upon my back...

So please stay with me in the Springtime
and say that you'll mine...

I'd be lost without you
and wouldn't know which way to turn
Please say that you'll love me
that's all I'm concern...

We'll go strolling in the meadows
in the night
keep on holding me tight..
and I'll be alright...
whoa... in the Spingtime...

The meadows are turning red and golden
the cold wind is blowing across my back

Autumn has last!
here comes good old Winters' snows again...

And it snows again... (It snows again...)
When will it all end? (When will it all end?)
I'll just have to wait for Springtime again!

The meadow are turning green and yellow
the yellow sun is burning upon my back...

So please stay with me in the Springtime
say that you'll always... always be mine...

In the Springtime...
In the Springtime...

~ : ~
In the Springtime...
Track Name: Come Out and Play

Carol...come out and play!'s sunny all day!
Open your eyes, and say hello...
Hold on my hand and say, "let's go!"

Carol...don't go away!
Carol...stay here and play!
I'm way too young, to lose you right now...
My heart will break without you around!

When are you going to wake up
and look into my eyes?
When are you going to get up
and tell me you're just fine?

Carol...come on let's play!'s sunny all day!
Put on your makeup, put on your coat...
We gotta go fishing at the lake we love!

Carol...Oh Carol...
Sweet Carol...

~ : ~
Track Name: The Calling

I hear voices in the night
deep in my dreams,
I see a bright light
I then open my eyes and there she is
My mother is calling, calling for me

I don't understand what is going on
She looks real to me,
but she's been long gone
She's telling me it's time for me to move on
My mother is calling from the beyond

It's time to cross the river...
It's time to be free...
from feeling so sick from this disease
It's time to cross over...
don't worry about goodbyes...
you'll be in your family's hearts
until the end of time

I called my sister the next day
I asked what it meant...
she didn't know what to say...
We pondered for hours on the telephone line
Why is mommy calling,
calling me at this time?

I hear my last prayers...
I'm so tired and can't move...
My whole family is here...
I can feel them in the room...
The sky is opening wide and now
I can see through the clouds!...
My mother is calling, calling out loud!

She's calling with open arms...
you're an angel now...
You're free from the pain
that once held you down...
I know now why God sent Mommy down...

Who else would I have believed...
it's was time for me now...

~ : ~
Track Name: I Love You, I Do

Can you hear the words I say to you?
In my own way I'm saying I love you...
Can you see my heart is dying for you?
I love you... I do

In the night when I cry for you
I wish God would come and heal you...
Can't believe that I am losing you
I love you... I do

I love you... I do

I do ...

~ : ~
Track Name: Mama

Mama... where are you now?
Mama... can't see your face...
Mama.. .wish I could now...
hold you in my arms again.

Mama... deep in my dreams...
Mama... I hear your voice...
Mama... wish I could now...
see your green eyes once more.

When I wish upon a star
in the midnight sky...
I feel you looking sad at me...
you're wondering...why I cry ?

Mama... I know you're here...
Mama... your presence's near...
Mama... stay close to me...
until we ALL meet again . . .

Until we all meet again.

Oh Mama..............

~ : ~
Track Name: A Summer Dream
Dreams are all I have of you
In the night when I feel all alone
It's then that I can talk to you
It is then that I feel at home

Once upon a summer day
I thought that you went away
You came into my dreams to say
you are gone but not far away

I'll see you in my dreams.
For in dreams we never die
I'll see you in my dreams
and together we will fly
To the stars and to the moon
To the mountain then to the seas
We'll be together you and I
together in my dreams.

Then there will come a day
when I'll need to dream no more
We'll walk hand and hand again
and be together once more.

Soon we'll hear our loved ones cry
Please come see me again
We'll fly into their dreams at night
and walk with them once again

We'll see them in their dreams
for in dreams we never die
We'll see them in their dreams
and together we will fly
To the stars and to the moon
To the mountains then to the seas
We'll be together you and I
together in their dreams...

For in dreams is where we'll live
In their dreams we never die
But until we meet again...
I'll dream of you tonight...

I'll see you in my dreams...

I'll see you in my dreams...

tonight ...

tonight . . .

in God's light . . . . . . . . .

~ : ~

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