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by My Peaceful World music : Shirley Cason

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The reason why this CD was titled "Winter Mornings" is because the inspiration for every song came to me only during those winter mornings hours while I was looking at all the snow from my recording studio window. The beauty of winter outside, made the music just flow out of me inside.

Every saturday and sunday mornings I would get up at 5:30 a.m. and go into the recording studio to work on new material for the winter CD. I have found that the early morning is the best time for me to record music because my "thinking" consciousness is not awake. I just record what the creative universe wants me to.

Recording the "Winter Mornings" was truly an artistic experience for me in that I left myself at the studio door entrance & just let the music take over inside I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I had recording it !

Enjoy the Winter CD ~
Shirley :)


released July 20, 2003

Composed, Arranged, Produced and Performed by
Shirley Cason - Keyboardist at Peaceful World Music.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Beauty Of The Earth - Free

The beauty of the earth surrounds me.
I'm so lucky to be alive.
For God is a man, and the earth is his lady.
together they are beautiful and alive.

And we are their children of the universe.
Together, we all will survive
So please don't take advantage
of their marriage.
For they will surely die.

~ : ~
Track Name: Snow Dance

Walking along here in the snow.
Winter has stayed far too long.
Wishing again for winter to end.
For Spring to sing her love song.


Children and snowmen are out in the snow.
They don't mind the cold.
Kitties and doggies look out their window. Wondering what is all this snow!

No one's in town walking around.
Everyone's safe in their home.
The town's café is empty today.
No one wants even hot cocoa!

(repeat Chorus)

Grandma and Grandpa left months ago
for the Gulf of Mexico.
Walking back home,wind howls and blows,
I need to get out of this cold!

(repeat Chorus)

~ : ~
Track Name: Gulf Of Florida

I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
to get out from the snow
I know if I stay north here
I'll surely die of the cold.
So I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
to play out in the sun
I don't think I'll come back here
until winter is done!

Down in sunny Florida
life is really slow
Here in New York City
the wind blows, I can't hold on
Down in sunny Florida
they say the life is fine
Here in Manhattan
it's so cold I'll lose my mind!

So I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
leave my frozen bones behind
It's time to leave north here
until the springtime
Yeah I'm going to the Gulf of Florida
to hang out in the sun
I don't think I'll come back here
'till the robins birds have sung!

~ : ~